Welcome to Ecoworks Marine

With a shared passion for sustainability and ocean conservation, Princess Yachts and Ecoworks Marine have partnered to help tackle the challenge of creating a more environmentally friendly approach to yacht cleaning.

Founded in 2015, we have a rapid growing number of yachts around the world choosing to use our range of environmentally friendly cleaning products. We're happy that you have made that choice too.

What's in the starter kit?

Within your starter kit you'll find the full range of both environmentally friendly interior and exterior cleaning products, as well as items for sustainable living while on board such as eco laundry cleaner and eco washing-up liquid. Click on each product to find more information.

What makes us eco friendly? 

We use a careful selection of appropriate raw materials based on their individual criteria which allows us to satisfy all our goals in terms of product performance, economics and a lower environmental footprint. 

Much of the range is biological, i.e. containing bacteria, enzymes or fermentation extracts and replacing undesirable ingredients by using blends of sustainably  replenishable ingredients that are far more favourable in terms of aquatic toxicity, sustainability and biodegradability. 

We want our cleaning products not only to be safer for the environment but safer for the end user as well.

To learn more about our ingredients click here.

Need to replenish? 

For future purchasing, Ecoworks Marine products can be found in an ever growing number of locations. Ask your local Princess Yacht After Sales Team or find your nearest stockist here.

In safe hands...

All Ecoworks Marine products are manufactured to comply with EU (EC) REACH regulation and produced under ISO 14001:2015 standards offering full traceability.

Ecoworks products are compliant and surpass's the MARPOL Annex 5 1.7.5 criteria and are declared not harmful to the marine or river environment.Thats