10 ideas of how to make your yacht interior more eco friendly.

As yacht crew, we live and work on the Ocean. Here are some ways you can be more environmentally friendly at work.

1. No more plastic water bottles.

Even on boss trips or when racing.  Choose some great looking reusable bottles which can be reused over and over again. 





2. Use eco-friendly cleaning products.

We literally pour cleaning products into the ocean, so choosing the right products has direct effect on our oceans. Washing up liquid, laundry liquid, all surface cleaner, Choose truly environmental ones and read the labels, not all so called ‘eco-friendly’  products are as eco as they want you to think!


3. Use reusable straws instead of plastic straws.

Humans don’t need straws to consume a beverage, but some prefer it, so if you have to use them, choose ones that can be reused. There are acrylic, metal and even bamboo ones available.





4. Replace cling film and foil with beeswax wrap.

Saving bees and food at the same time, put it to the test - it’s great and it works!

5. Use socks instead of bubble wrap to store glassware and wine bottles. 

Makes so much sense!        


6. Bring your own shopping bags.

(Surely most of us do this already? No excuses)
But go one step further ditch the plastic bags all together by using reusable produce bags.

7. Recycle on board
It’s not always easy, but it can be done. Install recycling bins, and find out which ports and marinas have recycling facilities. 

8. Go green in the bathroom.

Cotton buds are some of the worst in terms of plastic that ends in up in the oceans. Some companies have introduced paper replacements. 1.Buy toothpaste without micro-beads 2. Use natural soaps and shampoos 3. Go wild and use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic.

9. Buy locally and independent.

Avoid food miles and support the local community. Go to markets for produce, shop from independent suppliers, let’s all make sure the local community also benefit from our presence.

10. Wash on the cold or on the eco-cycle.

If you calculate how many loads of washing you do on board, you may dramatically improve your environmental footprint by, changing the cycle setting, wash with only full loads, use laundry liquids that wash well on 30 degrees.