We're proud to share a selection of reviews of our products we have received over the past few years. Thank you all for sending these in. If you would like to see more reviews, or leave us a review - you can do so on each product page, or on our Facebook page, here. 



"We are big believers in our Ecoworks products, the fabric cleaner worked perfectly on a coffee spill on the sofa. Great news to hear more stockists here in France as this is our base for the season and we will definitely make use of them."

Aimé Green, MY Preference 19

"At last! An eco friendly cleaner that really does do the job! ECOWORKS really works! S/Y Velacarina shall be using Ecoworks Marine products from now on."

Aimee Nurmi S/Y Valacarina


"I have used a couple different eco friendly laundry detergents and Ecoworks is by far the best value for money. You only need to use very little and still get a fantastic result. We have been using it on all of our laundry including high end guest clothing and delicates, we are very happy with the product and I would recommend to any Yacht."

Rebecca Fahy, Chief Stewardess, S/Y Red Dragon


"We have been using the Ecoworks Marine natural sanitiser, all surface cleaner and fog buster for the last few months and have found each product to be as effective if not more so than their competitors. In particular we were very pleased with the results of the natural sanitiser on the air conditioning units."

Georgie Carter S/Y Freya


"Ecoworks Teak Deck Cleaner: With a drive towards an Eco friendly boat we were naturally drawn towards The Ecoworks Marine products. After Using the Teak Deck Cleaner product for only a matter of months we have been extremely impressed with its capabilities and performance in comparison to similar products. I would recommend Ecoworks Marine Teak Deck Cleaner to anyone with an ecofriendly outlook who doesn't want to impede the quality of the products they use."

Theo, Mate Engineer, SY Nefertiti


"I have been using Ecoworks Marine products since their launch and I'm still impressed to this day. I think it's an ingenious concept and paths the way for the future of bio products. I mostly use the eco degreaser in my engine room which works better than any other product I have used. The 'FOG Buster' is excellent and with periodic use has led to a greatly reduced maintenance on associated lift pumps and sani-splits. Keep up the good work!"

Dominic Ratty, Engineer, MY Oneness


"Converting the boat to become ecofriendly has been easier than imagined with the 'Preserve The Living Seas' range. It is easily accessible, cleans brilliantly, smells lovely and is MARPOL compliant, what more could you ask for! Their range caters for deck, engine room and interior making it very a convenient product when it comes to making orders, not to mention a great value for money!"

Teneale Stead Chief Stewardess, MY Chiqui


"Ecoworks Marine Preserve the Living Seas range and S/Y Elfje have been a perfect marriage.  Elfje was designed and build as a ‘nextGen’ sailing yacht, focused strictly on green credentials and minimal environmental impact, so there was only one range of cleaning products we would consider using.  The owner loves Ecoworks products because they are eco, the crew love them because they work."

Bertie Magnus Till, Chief Engineer SY Elfje


"Ecoworks Marine rib Cleaner offers the perfect solution as a quick fix for cleaning our chase boat cushions. Not only is it great on Hypalon, but also it works well on a number of other materials as we have found out. Ecoworks Marine products really work and offer a safe solution for the boat, the environment and us."

Will Hackney, Mate, Seven Seas. 


"We have been using Ecoworks Marine onboard for the past season on the race boat and tender. All the products we use work brilliantly and do what they say. Dealing with the Ecoworks Marine team is easy, friendly and very professional. You sense there is a real passion in what they do."

Andy Clark, Boat Captain, TP52 Sorcher.


"S/Y Naos chose Ecoworks products because we believe they are absolutely the way forward. Too often in this [superyacht] industry, yachts are guilty of using products that are harmful to the sea and don't even raise an eyebrow to it. With the amount of yachts being built combined with the large amount currently on the water, we simply can't keep this bad habit up. It really is Time for a change."

Angus Park SY Naos and MY Maxou


"Just finished this product, it’s a great all surface cleaner product that works well but doesn’t smell of chemicals. Perfect for at home as well as on the boat! Plus as a concentrated product you save space & plastic. Thank you."

Verity Furse, Verity Massage  


"We are prepping Zalmon for the boat show in Palma next week. I bought a bottle of the varnish wood cleaner & wax, this product is amazing! It cleans and protects leaving a shiny surface. Other products leave a matte finish, but this is with wax. Not just for wood either. By mistake I touched the white leather ceiling panels, and it went from yellow to brilliant white, without scrubbing. It's just brilliant! I can't wait try the rest of the products from Pinmar Supply in STP. It's just great to know all the products are good for the environment."

Magda Mizdra- Stewardess S/Y Zalmon


"I make sure I use Ecoworks Marine products in the engine room, like the degreaser, which is a great degreaser, Ecoworks Marine products definitely meet all criteria I look for in a cleaning product and it really does work, I am very impressed."

Will Slagter,  Chief Engineer


"As the first mate on SY Christopher, we gave Ecoworks Marine products a go. And instantly felt great about them. Finally doing the job, in an environmentally friendly way and not polluting the ocean. The teak cleaner is great to work with. It keeps the teak deck clean and without mould. The more we use it the better the teak gets. I would absolutely recommend it."

Andres Blanco Williams, SY Christopher


"We are big believers in our Ecoworks products, the fabric cleaner worked perfectly on a coffee spill on the sofa. Great news to hear more stockists here in France as this is our base for the season and we will definitely make use of them."

Aimé Green, MY Preference 19 


“Great Eco friendly products that actually work! I strongly recommend it."

Karl Hackett, SY Blue Bird


“After doing a delivery recently I found that the Ecoworks Marine products, not only are eco friendly but give a great finish. Which is not just equal but goes beyond their nearest competitors."

Allan Wester, Palma Loft 


“Always a joy to deliver a yacht that thinks beyond its bubble and uses Ecoworks Marine. Products are professionally 5* star and wont harm our natural environment; unlike many others unfortunately in the super yacht and marine industry. Highly recommended."

Matt Hill, Freelance Yachtsman


“Awesome product! With a great reason for using it as well."

Adam Vanderzee, Mate SY GAIA 


“A very good product for a great cause."

Stephane Ferron, SY Shamana 


“Great products and love the environmental credentials."

Bertie Whitley, Freelance Yachtswomen/Doctor 


“I was involved in a new build and wanted to use eco friendly products in the interior. The laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, all purpose cleaner and washroom & toilet cleaner were all great! Was particularly happy with the laundry detergent as it's quite difficult to find eco friendly detergent that washes well. And all come in large 5L container so minimal waste. Would highly recommend all Ecoworks products! And the team are super helpful and friendly! A company that I will gladly support again!”

Leanne Meadows, Chief Stewardess


"We really should of been using this product a long time ago. We shouldn’t have to wait for David Attenborough to tell us our marine life is in danger. Well done works!"

Wendy Rabett, Freelance Yachtswomen


"Ecoworks marine has some great products. I only just came across the brand as I started a current refit. The all surface cleaner works brilliantly in every department on the boat and the fact it's eco friendly, is a step we all need to take for the ocean."

Jamma Phillips, Fisherman


"I recently started using the Ecoworks Marine Products and I could not be happier! The eco degreaser is great, super effective, who knew that a “green” product could work so well. I would even go as far as saying it's the best degreaser I've used. The all surface cleaner is also on board, I use it in the engine room and the interior staff are using it through out the boat. This works extremely well and leaves every surface looking brand new. I would highly recommend both products and to top it off they smell GREAT!"

Joseph Boeck, Engineer, SY Wisp 


Ecoworks bilge cleaner has come into its own against hydraulic leaks. After being somewhat sceptical I was amazed at how effective it was being an eco cleaner."

Daniel Horton, SY Liara