Clean Sailors and Ecoworks Marine team up.

Clean Sailors and Ecoworks Marine team up to further promote cleaner practices within the sailing and yachting communities

We have joined forces with not-for-profit Clean Sailors to further promote cleaner practices within the global sailing and yachting communities. 

Coming together to help educate, inspire and encourage the sailing community around the world on how to help protect our marine ecosystems through the use of healthier, low-toxicity cleaning products.

Our products are created by a diverse and highly skilled product development team specialising in biochemistry and microbiology. Making cleaning not only safer for the environment but safer for the user too.

Technologies are chosen for efficacy first, bringing significant advantage over more traditional cleaners while also offering a more environmentally responsible and safety conscious approach - consideration is given to every ingredient in a formulation.

Launched in July 2020, Clean Sailors’ mission is to set a new standard of cleaner sailing within the global sailing community. Work includes campaigning for legislation to better protect our ocean, education, advice and outreach on conservation opportunities within the sailing and marine communities, and sharing scientific research on issues facing our global waters.


Holly Manvell, founder of Clean Sailors comments:

“Using low toxicity, ocean-friendly cleaning products on and around our boats is one of the easiest and most impactful ways in which we sailors, yachties, mariners and seafarers can reduce our impact on the waters we use and love. 

There are very few teams who work as hard as Ecoworks Marine to ensure that our human health and the health of our environment are as prioritised and safeguarded as the effectiveness of their products. We wholeheartedly support Ecoworks for being a team and a brand that helps make clean sailing an accessible reality for us all. We can’t wait to work more closely with Ecoworks in our joint mission for cleaner seas!”

Angus Johnston, Co-founder of Ecoworks comments:

“Clean sailors for cleaner seas, safeguarding our oceans is a role we as sailors can all play. It’s our playground afterall. Sharing resources, tips and encouragement is a way to help each other to help our oceans.

We are in full support of Holly and the Clean Sailors team and will be working closely with them to share encouragement, information and positive stories for cleaner seas.”

Ecoworks Marine and Clean Sailors are already two of eight partners of Cleaner marina, the first cross-industry initiative to support and champion ports, marinas and harbours as guardians of cleaner waters around the world.  

Cleaner marina was launched on 21 July 2021 with a free, online resource at detailing simple steps that any marina, port or harbour authority can take to help protect our marine ecosystems. Cleaner marina and partners will champion inspiring activity of marinas around the world and encourage others in the same.