Ecoworks Announces NSM as It’s Italian Distributor 

Nautic Sales and Marketing have taken on responsibilities as Italian distributor to our products! This is great news for our end users and our current network of resellers in the country.

We're becoming accessible all around the world. Working with distributors such as Nautic allows us to ship in bulk and enables our resellers to keep better stocks giving the end user reliability and consistency in the brand.

We hope to start measuring our CO2e output and understand how shipping in bulk by filling pallets rather than lots of smaller packages and pallets on more lorries and ships can reduce our carbon footprint. 

Co-founder, Angus said of the new agreement with Nautic Sales and Marketing, “Italy is such an important nation in the yachting community, we are incredibly happy to be working with Nautic Sales and Marketing making our products more accessible in the country."

"We already have a network of chandleries in Italy to whom we are incredibly grateful to, as early adopters of the brand in Italy and we look forward to supporting them further and growing our network with Nautic Sales & Marketing.”

Nautic Sales and Marketing was founded in 2006 as a company dedicated to sales in the nautical sector, developing a solid network of partners in this area. Success in sales activities leads the team to extend its skills to digital communication, integrating specialists who today allow the company to work with Italian and foreign companies by integrating distribution and digital marketing strategies specific to the nautical sector, at the service of brands such as Ecoworks Marine.

Ciro Sannino said of the partnership: “We chose to work with Ecoworks because it is a relatively new company with a high-end market position and we know that we will be able to achieve excellent results in distribution in Italy: with the Nautic Sales & Marketing team we only choose brands that are at the top of their market segment and of which we appreciate the working method, such as Ecoworks."

Ecoworks full range of products are now available for chandleries to

order from Nautic Sales and Marketing in Italy.