Ecoworks Marine Appoint Seal Superyachts as Asian Distributor

As our reputation as one of if not the most effective and greenest marine cleaning products in the world so too does our reach. We’ve recently agreed to appoint Seal Superyachts as a distributor in Asia and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Superyacht News reported earlier in the year, the growing trend of Southeast Asia as a popular destination. Superyacht visitors are being drawn by the beautiful waters and relatively inexpensive and growing infrastructure with Phuket and Singapore emerging as the superyacht capitals of the region. Yacht Haven Marina in Phuket recorded a record number of visiting superyachts in 2019.

Seal Superyachts are The Indian Ocean, Asia and Oceania’s most experienced and longest established Superyacht Support Agency. They have been servicing the Worlds’ largest Yachts for over twenty-five years, with their support offices provide an ever growing coverage of the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific Ocean regions. They will now also act as distributors for the Ecoworks range as part of their own drive to be more sustainable and provide greener solutions as being demanded more and more by their customers.

Adam Frost, of Seal Superyachts says of this new representation “ We are delighted to be officially distributing EcoWorks in Asia.  The marine industry here, should be embracing ecologically friendly solutions, for the upkeep and care of their yachts.

Crew, Captains, owners and Managers will welcome the incoming range of EcoWorks yacht care products, which through bio-engineering technology, ensure no harmful chemicals would be used on-board, or leaked in to our oceans”.

It is part of Seal Superyachts commitment to a cleaner and greener yachting future, that we believe in and fully support EcoWorks products. We will endeavour to ensure that their products will be available from all major Asian chandlery outlets in the near future”.

True to their word Seal Superyacht have already secured listings for Ecoworks Marine in East Marine, Yacht Shop and online with Lazado.

Scott Johnston, MD of Ecoworks Marine, “When you think of Thailand and it’s neighbour’s coastlines, pristine seas and beautiful beaches come to mind. We’re pleased to be able to provide just one easy solution for yachts, that is extremely effective for them, yet will help to keep the surrounding oceans clean and safe for marine life for future generations to enjoy.”