Ecoworks Marine Co-founder, Angus Johnston Speaking at the Superyacht Forum

Co-founder Angus will be taking part in a panel on ‘The Future of Planet Superyacht’ in the morning of Tuesday the 19th of November on the main stage at the Superyacht Forum. The panel will kick off at 10.30am and ‘will explore the needs, expectations and demands of future clients related to the impact our industry has on earth and the oceans and the attitude our peer group has towards sustainability”.

The topic is obviously one close to Ecoworks heart and especially Angus. A passionate sailor, Angus learned his passion for sailing and love of the ocean from a young age from both his grandfathers. He started out in his career teaching sailing to children on the Cotswold Lakes, before studying Yacht Fit Outs and Composites at Falmouth Marine School before going to work for Mylor Yacht Harbour, where his grandfather, Patrick had once moored his own yacht.

Always knowing he wanted to work aboard superyachts, a chance encounter with the bosun of SY Ranger in a Falmouth pub in 2012, provided such an opportunity. He eventually rose to the position of Bosun onboard Ranger.

The initial idea of Ecoworks Marine came to Angus while working as Bosun on the J Class Ranger when he started to realise how harmful the chemical cleaning products he was using daily were to the ocean, himself and even the boat itself. He asked his father Scott, who was already running Ecoworks Industry, to look at how they could redevelop the Ecoworks products for use on Superyachts and marine vessels. Together they went on to found Ecoworks Marine and develop its range of sustainable cleaning products.

Angus has become more and more passionate about the health of our oceans through his journey with Ecoworks and was the main advocate for our support of eXXpedition, Ocean Advocate Emily Penn’s all-female research expeditions to investigate the causes of and solutions to ocean plastic pollution. Now as Co-Founder of Ecoworks, Angus is becoming an ocean advocate himself and has a busy job of brand ambassador and looking after sales and marketing for Ecoworks. He is also still crewing on various superyachts as race and delivery crew, not be able to give up his love of sailing completely. He can’t wait to get stuck on a good debate on how we drive meaningful change on within the industry to its own sake 


The Superyacht Forum will run alongside METS at the Rai, Amsterdam next week and you can get tickets for the forum here.