New Product Alert - Toilet Cleaner & Black Tank Degrader

We’ve added a new toilet and black tank degrader to our product line up due to demand. The new product has been designed for toilets and black water tanks while being much better for the ocean and contains no ingredients known to be hazardous to aquatic life. 

The Ecoworks Marine Toilet and Black Tank degrader is a uniquely formulated liquid gel containing a blend of five natural cultures of friendly bacteria and fast acting enzymes. It helps to eliminate and control odours and blockage problems caused by organic matter found in drain lines and waste pipes.

The new product also acts as a biological water additive that can be added to waste water-holding tanks and associated drain lines to rapidly break down organic waste, emulsified organic substances and sludge which will help reduce blockages and reduce maintenance issues in blackwater pipes and tanks.

Designed for small yachts and superyachts alike for use on inland waterways and oceans alike.. It’s also highly resistant to temperature, physical and chemical challenges, making it incredibly versatile.It’s also safe for all forms of black water tanks

The product is recommended to be used as a daily dosing agent when on board to ensure that a thriving biofilm is maintained while allowing the bacteria to spread with the flow of water. The best bit is that you can use as little as 1 litre per 1000 litre holding tank while still being effective. 

Here is the tech bit but just in case you're interested; The clever mixture of bacteria and enzymes are designed to germinate and flourish in the right conditions, for example, when warmth, nutrients and water are present. The bacteria revert to the spore form when conditions deteriorate, germinating when conditions become favourable again. This provides valuable residual protection. An important differentiator of the product. Daily dosing will allow bacteria to form biofilms on the interior surfaces of wastewater pipework, providing a continuous and renewable source of enzymes for the removal of organic matter

We’re always listening to feedback from our customers and a bespoke black water and toilet cleaner has, for a long time, been top of the request list. Our product developers tested hundreds of strains to analyse and test those that produced the most effective enzymes and we’re really pleased to be able to deliver this super effective product that is still much much better for the environment than others on the market. 

Our hope is that the Ecoworks Marine Toilet Cleaner and Black Tank Degrader will offer our alternative to Gamazyme and more toxic toilet cleaners that can disable the sewage treatment tanks by killing the naturally occurring bacteria which are essential to their operations.

The new Toilet Cleaner & Black Tank Degrader is available on our site here for all UK customers and available at good chandleries around the world including in the UK.