Ecoworks Marine Partners with Srface for Eco-Wetsuit Cleaner

Surface Wetsuit Wash By Ecoworks Marine

The team at Ecoworks are proud to announce a new partnership with SRFACE Wetsuits In a collaboration between environmental stewardship and product excellence. The new partnership will see us provide SRFACE with a new sustainable wetsuit solution to help with the longevity of their wetsuits by protecting them from the effects of salt waters and to keep them fresh.

It’s no secret we’re big fans of surfing and so we’d been aware of SRFACE wetsuits for some time and we're fans, especially of their Eco suit made from Yulex®. So, when Srface got in contact to ask us to help them with a wetsuit wash, we were excited. 

Founded in 2018, fast growing Europe based direct-to-consumer wetsuit brand SRFACE is known for their high quality and sustainable wetsuits sold direct to consumers making them incredible value for money.


As sailors, surfers and swimmers, we’re passionate about the water and protecting our oceans however you

Together, SRFACE and Ecoworks Marine, present a Wetsuit Wash that not only preserves wetsuit functionality but also upholds marine ecosystems. Wetsuit Wash showcases SRFACE's dedication to not only enhancing  surf experience but also ensuring a minimal ecological footprint in the process. 

At the core of our cleaning ranges is microbial and bacterial technology that breaks down the root causes of stains and bad smells meaning our microbial technology was ideal for a wetsuit wash. We developed this core technology into the perfect westsuit was that can break down and wash away salt and any matter that might be cuasing any bad smells like maybe pee (we know you do it). 

The SRFACE Wetsuit Wash is fully biodegradable, Ph neutral, making it safer for the environment and your wetsuit, and made from naturally sourced ingredients. 

 “This partnership embodies a shared commitment to sustainability and marine conservation,” said Srface Co-Founder and CEO Augustus Schraven

Angus Johnston, Co-Founder of Ecoworks Marine added, “I’ve been a surfer for many years and a fan of what Srface are doing for a while too, which makes working together to create a sustainable product for another sport I love a real bonus.” 

The Srface Wetsuit Wash is available now at