Ecoworks Marine Offers Support to Emily Penn’s eXXpedition Voyage


Ecoworks Marine has once again demonstrated its commitment to the oceans by signing on to support eXXpedition, a pioneering all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission that will circumnavigate the globe via four ocean Gyres and the Arctic.

On October 8th 2019 eXXpedition will set sail with the aim of tackling the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastic and toxics in the world’s oceans.

 The challenging voyage of thirty-eight thousand nautical miles will start and end in the UK. Over two years, a crew of 300 women will take on 30 challenging voyage legs to sail through some of the densest ocean plastic accumulation zones on the planet to study plastic pollution on board S.V TravelEdge, a 70ft expedition sailing vessel and floating research lab.

 Ecoworks Marine is a manufacturer and supplier of environmentally sustainable cleaning products, specifically designed for the marine industry. Launched in 2015 they have a reputation for being the cleanest and most effective products on the market and have been adopted by many of the world’s superyachts and are sustainability partner to the 52 Super Series, one of the premier sail racing series in the world.

Ecoworks Marine will become an official supplier to eXXpedition, donating their range of environmentally sustainable cleaning products for use on board. From boat wash to laundry detergent and washing up liquid, the crews will be able to rest easy knowing that by using the range, they are not contributing to the toxins in the ocean they are there to study.

Emily Penn, founder of eXXpedition and ocean advocate had this to say about Ecoworks supporting the project, “The more time you spend out at sea, the more you understand the need to preserve it. Because when you live on the water, there’s no buffer. It’s crucial that everything you use on board is completely environmentally friendly. As we embark on our two year Round the World voyage, we’re proud to have Ecoworks Marine as an official supplier who share our passion for protecting the oceans. Our hope is that the rest of the industry follows their lead.” 

This is not the first time Ecoworks has stepped up to support environmental causes. In 2017 Ecoworks also became an official supplier to Dee Caffari’s Turn The Tide on Plastic for the 2017 – 2018 Volvo Ocean Race. The race team’s mission was to amplify United Nations Environment’s ‘Clean Seas: Turn the Tide on Plastic’ campaign throughout the eight months of the race and raise awareness of the issue of ocean health. 

Angus Johnston, Head of Brand Partnerships at Ecoworks Marine said, ‘we have a genuine passion and love for the oceans and ocean sports which is why we created Ecoworks Marine. Being able to support great organisations and teams that share that passion and want to help keep our seas clean and healthy, is so important to us.’