New Distributor in Montenegro

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ve agreed A+ Plus Yachting as our new distributor in the increasingly important market of Montenegro. Even better news, they will also be supporting our Croatia chandlery customers, ensuring faster deliveries and a more consistent supply of Ecoworks post Brexit across the Adriatic. 


A+ Yachting are one of the best yacht agents to be found in the Adriatic sea and winners of the title at the 2020 Superyacht Business Awards as well as finalists in the Best Superyacht Agent Worldwide Category in 2021. Founded in 2018 by Ajka Matijevic after having worked in the superyacht industry for over 12 years, Ajka created A+ Yachting  with the mission to help promote cruising in the Adriatic and provide higher service standards, and reliability in the area. Based in Montenegro, they provide services across the Adriatic, including in the ever popular Croatia while also working as a global yacht agent.


A+ will be supplying local chandleries, agents and yachts in Montenegro as well as our existing and new customers in Croatia meaning a more consistent supply of the Ecoworks range in the Adriatic. 


Croatia and Montenegro have become increasingly popular with yachts and superyachts and understandably so with its beautiful oceans, archipelagos and beaches. However with the increased visitors comes increased effects on the environment. Experts say that overfishing, bottom trawling, pollution, and climate change are seriously threatening the biodiversity of the Adriatic. While yachting is not the main cause, it will be contributing. We’re really pleased to be able to offer better products in the area and hope to work with A+ to improve awareness.


We asked Ajka  for a comment and she said this, "The Adriatic Sea has an abundance of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. As the number of yachts visiting and staying in our waters grows exponentially, we believe that it is the responsibility of the local industry to promote sustainable tourism to avoid negative impacts on natural resources.


Our commitment to preservation of marine life in the Adriatic starts with small steps. Today we are proud to partner with Ecoworks Marine, bringing the best available biodegradable products for yachts to Montenegro and encouraging the local yachting community to maintain positive environmental practices while in our waters.”


Cover Photo Credit: Alex Chernenko @achernenko