Ecoworks latest stockist - Nautica Assistance - give us an insiders guide to Sardinia's best Beaches

Nautica Assistance (NA) in Sardinia have come on board as Ecoworks Marine stockists to supply boats through their yacht supply business and its marine store Nautica Depot in Olbia. They will also be supplying other local chandleries across the island ensuring visiting yachts are always readily supplied with Ecoworks sustainable products. 

A mega yacht agency and supplier with main offices in North and South Sardinia. NA gives full support to yachts and megayachts in all their challenges during their cruises in the Mediterranean, particularly in Sardinia and Corsica islands.  

Nautica Assistance are passionate Sardinians, justifiably proud of their island. When we visited Sardinia earlier in the year to meet NA we were so impressed by their passion and immense knowledge of the island. Over dinner we learnt about the history of the island and many of the lesser known beaches and things to do.

As part of our announcement, we’ve asked the team at NA to give us their top beach recommendations on Sardinia for Yachts. Often only reachable by long hike or by sea. One thing is for certain, each location is truly stunning. Check out the list below and keep in mind for your next tour of the Island and its surrounding coastline.

Sardinia's beaches as recommended by yachting insiders - Nautica Assistance: 


Located in the Maddalena National Park on the northeastern part of the island of Caprera. The beach’s white sand, beautiful round rocks and sparkling clean turquoise water make it a snorkelling paradise with many fish to view. Only reachable by foot or boat, ensures the crowds stay away.





Located just south of Cala Biriola, in the Ogliastra area, 9 kilometers north of Baunei, this UNESCO site is one of the best snorkelling beaches on the island and one of its most photogenic. Only reachable by boat or foot and with no facilities whatsoever, this stunning beach is unlikely to get too busy.












Also approximately 3 kilometres are the Bue Marino Caves – a big sea cave with stalactites, stalagmites, and rock carvings, making it a perfect days outing.

Also only reachable by hike or boat and another great snorkelling beach, Cala Luna located in the gulf of Orosei, just south of Dorgali, near Cala Gonone village. Its backdrop of limestone cliffs covered in lush greenery that mark the borders of the Gulf of Gennargentu National Park and beautiful turquoise waters is what makes this beach so beautiful. Its gradual gradient into the waters also makes it great for children and the wide natural caves that dot the beach make perfect shady getaways when the sun gets hot.



One of the better known beaches on the list, Le Pelosa is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Located in the west of the island, La Pelosa is just 2 kilometres away from the harbour village of Stintino, in Capo Falcone, in the province of Sassari.

The ancient sixteenth century watchtower, the Torre della Pelosa, that used to be part of Sardinia’s marine defence system, watches over the beach’s soft sand, beautiful blue, shallow waters and provides a great view form the beach. The beach's ease to get to also make one of the busiest on the list but crowds come for good reasons.



In the South West of the island, along the famous Costa Verde coastline and near the historical town of Piscinas. This unique beach is surrounded by sand dunes, a UNESCO heritage site, where the dunes can reach 100m high, some of the highest in Europe. The dunes are full of junipers, rare flowers, beach grass and wild olive trees grow. Just off the shore also lies the wreck of an ancient lead vessel that is a perfect scuba diving attraction.





In the province of Cagliari and relatively close to the historical town of Cagliari, the turquoise sea and peach coloured sand make Chia beach particularly beautiful. The beach is great for wildlife and in the dunes beyond the beach lays a picturesque lagoon where pink flamingos come to breed. Dolphins have also been reported as visiting the beach too. Whats more, with many stunning beaches and picturesque views close by, the area is perfect for exploring on walks. Pleasant winds also make the area is perfect for water sports such as kite and wind surfing.



TUERREDDA (SOUTH SARDINIA)Tuerredda is located on the headlands of Capo Spartivento, just west of Perda Longa and Sa Pinnetta and near the beach of Su Giudeu. The breach is sheltered from the wind, facing south-east, offering pleasant views of Isola di Tuerredda which lays just of the beach, perfect for exploring by canoe. It’s another beach that is quite popular and get quite busy during the high season but well worth a visit.

If you're going to Sardinia get in touch with Nautica Assistance they are their to help in many ways from agency & concierge to provisioning the finest foods across Sardinia. All ecoworks marine products are available from the Nautica Shop.