Ecoworks Marine become Official Supplier to 11th Hour Racing Team

We've become an Official Supplier to the 11th Hour Racing Team!

11th Hour Racing Team has been established by co-founders Mark Towill and Charlie Enright. They have put together a dynamic team with the goal of winning The Ocean Race 2022-23.  The crew consists of experts within the sailing industry working on the campaign’s sailing, design, and technical performance programs, with an experienced team dedicated to implementing a comprehensive sustainability plan.

Sustainability is at the core of 11th Hour Racing's operations. Their mission, to inspire positive action among sailing and coastal communities, along with the goal of winning the Ocean Race, now set for October 2022-2023.

Our partnership will develop and increase awareness and usage of marine-friendly alternatives. As official supplier to the professional offshore sailing team, the two organisations will work in unison to provide sustainable solutions for every type of recreation and sailing boat user. 

“Creating innovative solutions that leave a positive impact on our natural environment is at the core of all our team partnerships,” said Team CEO Mark Towill. “Partnering with a company like Ecoworks will provide us with products that minimize our impact on the environment, while allowing us to compete at the very highest levels of the sport. We don’t need to compromise on performance to incorporate a sustainable solution.”

A huge part of 11th Hours mission is to understand how both minimising the carbon footprint of daily operations and putting back more than the team takes out, the team can have a positive impact on the health of the oceans.

An example of this in action are the refill stations we are providing to the team, at their training base in Concarneau, France and at their new base in Newport, RI, which are designed to use bulk containers for product delivery and to minimise the frequency of change for the recycled refill plastic bottles.

 “As a team, our first priority is to reduce the amount of natural resources and product we use throughout all our operations both when at sea and when ashore,” commented the 11th Hour Racing Team sustainability manager Damian Foxall. “But when we do need to use materials like cleaning products we have to be confident that they will have a minimal impact on marine biodiversity. Working with Ecoworks brings us this reassurance,” concluded Foxall.

We've been privileged to work alongside 11th Hour Racing as part of the 52 Super series and now to continue working with the team on their own campaign to win the Ocean Race is fantastic!