Our Favourite Resources for Responsible Sailors and Boaters

There is a growing number of online resources to use as a guide when trying to become more environmentally responsible on the water. Below are some of our favourites we turn to when we need advice. Hope they help you too.

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag programme awards beaches, marinas and tourist vessels the Blue Flag award for meeting stringent criteria around the environment, education, safety and access-related criteria. They regularly inspect marinas to ensure they are keeping up with their obligations. 

Marinas have to provide a host of facilities that help you be more responsible including recycling facilities, proper toilet tank waste facilities and safe areas for boat washing etc. They also need to ensure local coastal and marine protected areas are respected and provide environmental education activities. 

By using Blue Flag marinas, not only are you choosing marinas that are likely to be more comfortable for you but you’re also supporting a more environmentally responsible marina network that will help you be more responsible too.

Sailors For The Sea

Co-founded in 2004 by David Rockefeller, Jr. and Dr. David Treadway, two avid sailors who recognised the importance of educating and activating ocean enthusiasts: Sailors for the Sea is an ocean conservation charity that engages, educates and encourages sailors and boaters to take action on restoring ocean health. In 2018, they joined up with Oceana, who exclusively focus on protecting and restoring oceans on a global scale.

What we like most about Sailors For The Sea is that they provide an extensive guide to being more responsible to the environment. We’ve even used it ourselves.  

The Green Blue

A UK organisation, The Green Blue is a joint environmental programme created by the Royal Yachting Association and British Marine to promote the sustainable use of coastal and inland waters by recreational sailors and boaters. However the advice and information they provide can be used by anyone around the world.

They have some great initiatives with universities to promote sustainable sailing and yachting with Natural England on their LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Project but it’s their guides that are most useful to boaters and marine businesses globally. 

The Green Blue has advice and guidance for marinas, marine businesses and boaters alike on their website. They also have a great guide on Green Blue approved products and services that are better for the environment that includes yours truly. 

Clean Sailors

Clean Sailors is a not for profit raising awareness of ocean conservation opportunities within sailing. They provide tips and advice for being a more responsible boater while raising awareness around ocean conservation issues. 

Cleaner Marina 

The sister group to Clean Sailors, Cleaner Marina campaigns for more responsible management of marinas, ports and harbours globally. They also provide helpful advice on their site for marinas to help them take action on protecting waterways and have already signed up UK marina groups Boatfolk.

The Water Revolution Foundation

 The Water Revolution Foundation is a charity focused on the superyacht industry with a mission to promote “sustainability in the superyacht industry through collaboration and innovation.”


The foundation wants to utilise a top down approach, encouraging the wealthy clientele that fund the building of superyachts to use their resources to drive experimentation in new technologies that will be better for the oceans. They also aim to provide resources, tools and best practice guides including a directory of approved products and services for people in the industry.

The Water Revolution Foundation will be presenting an update at the Superyacht Forum taking place alongside the upcoming METS which we’re looking forward to hearing.