We extend our reach with a new environmental partnership with British Canoeing


British Canoeing is the national governing body of paddle sports. We have formed strong partnerships and alliances with the key drivers of sustainability in the boating world. Our focus on sustainability, love for the ocean and the environment aligns well with British Canoeing’s Clear Access, Clear Waters Charter and commitment to continue to protect and improve the health of our precious waterways.

We will create a sanitiser and wash down station for the 2021 Freestyle World
Championships next year to clean athletes’ equipment as they come off the water.

As part of the partnership with Ecoworks Marine, British Canoeing members will
benefit from an exclusive 15% discount on Ecoworks Marine products.

More information on access to this will be provided to members in their monthly enews.

Richard Atkinson, British Canoeing Waterways and Environment Policy
Officer, said:

“It’s great to partner with a company producing eco-friendly products so that paddlers can clean their kit effectively before entering or leaving the water as well as safeguard the natural environment.”

Angus Johnson, Ecoworks Marine Business Development Manager, said:

“Whether it’s yachting, surfing or paddle sports, the ocean and waterways are our
playground. New 2020 figures show a considerable decline in the health of our
waterways and there are a number of contributing factors to this.”
“Teaming up with British Canoeing and their members means together we have the opportunity as a larger unit to spread the word of the importance and the initiatives we can take as individuals to better take care of our global waterways and pass on these learnings to others.”

British Canoeing have been around since 1936 as the British Canoe Union. In 2000 they federalised to become the umbrella organisation for the home nation associations in Scotland (Scottish Canoe Association), Wales (Canoe Wales) and Northern Ireland (Canoe Association Northern Ireland). 

British Canoeing are the membership body for England and are responsible for developing the sport within England.

Did you know being a member of British Canoeing gives you access to 5,000km of waterways! 

Did you also know a variety of paddle sports come under the British Canoeing umbrella, including Paddle Boarding. To find out more on membership click here.