We Join Forces with Merconcept to Support Their Sustainability Drive

We've joined forces with Merconcept in a new partnership. The partnership will see Ecoworks Marine supply our sustainable cleaning range and set up a refill station at the Merconcpet base in the heart of the 'Sailing Valley' in Concarneau, Southern Brittany. We are going to work together to bring another sustainability initiative into the workshops and to educate other sailors in the many ways we can all change habits and take steps forward in better caring for the ocean.

Merconcept was founded in 2006 by François Gabart and supports the creation and development of sporting and innovative projects. Specialising in engineering, technical studies and boat building, the company has successfully supported François and others to many successes, including François setting a new single-handed round-the-world record at 42 days 16 hours and 40 minutes in 2017. 

In January 2020 MerConcept created the "Blue Team,'' responsible for considering all the social, societal and environmental issues of the company and ocean racing in general and later became a Company with a Mission, near to B Corp status. This has led to a considerable effort to take sustainability into consideration in their approach, leading to our partnership. “Our team works with passion to meet the major challenges of the 21st century. We have to ensure that this energy is part of a virtuous circle for our future. We must reduce our impact on the environment and make sure that the breakthrough innovations in ocean racing feed the entire maritime world.” said François Gabart of the joint venture.



Yacht racing has become a part of our company's story. Co-founder Angus, has a passion for sailing and has led the brand to work with some phenomenal people. The company worked with Dee Cafari’s Turn The Tide on Plastic in 2017 and have supplied the 52 Super Series for a number of years. More recently we've agreed to work as sustainability partner with 11th Hour Racing and have have been engaging in new ideas with 11th Hour whom Merconcept also has very close affiliations with.

To say we're excited to be working with some of the best athletes and boat builders in the world of sailing, is an understatement. Sailing is especially big in France where it's such a huge part of the culture and where Francois and Merconcept are at the forefront of both serious sailing and sustainability so it's an extra pleasure. We'll be traveling out to the factory as soon as Covid allows.