We're launching our Foam Hand Sanitiser!

Hand sanitising with the environment in mind, Introducing the Ecoworks Marine Foam Hand Sanitiser

Due to Covid-19, sanitising has become the new norm around the world. Whether it be walking into a supermarket or turning up at your local sailing club we are all asked and required to sanitise our hands.

To compliment our Surface Sanitiser, We now have available a naturally derived Alcohol and Quat free hand sanitiser that's cost effective, environmentally friendly and gentle on your skin.

A sanitiser you can trust 

The Ecoworks Marine Foam Hand sanitiser is approved for EN14476 & EN1276 and will kill 99.999% of common germs. It is Virucidal, meaning it will deactivate/destroy viruses. It is also bactericidal meaning it will kill harmful bacterias.

Environment in mind

We have used naturally derived ingredients from plant derived resources making our products safer for the user and for the environment. Our sanitiser is 100% biodegradable along with the rest of our range of products. 

Benefits of a non-alcohol sanitiser

Unlike alcohol sanitisers our naturally derived product offers residual protection, whereas alcohol based sanitisers will evaporate quickly. Alcohol sanitisers are also flammable and storage precautions need to be taken. The ecoworks foam sanitiser is non flammable and there are no special storage requirements. 

Why foam and not gel

By using foam you can get up to 50% more washes lasting much longer than gel hand sanitisers, this can save money and plastic waste. 

Foam will cling to your hands much easier, unlike gels which also are prone to clogs, splashes and drips. If you’re like me, I can’t stand the feel of a thick slimy gel across my hands.

Benefits to health and skin

Our Foam Hand sanitiser is quat free meaning we don’t use quaternary ammonium found in most common hand sanitisers. By using alternative naturally derived ingredients, this brings fantastic benefits making it safer for the user and the environment. We use beauty industry technology to minimise irritation and prevent dry hands, leaving your hands soft, we’ve also not included dyes or perfumes.

Quaternary based technology brings hazard warnings including skin irritation, eye damage, very toxic to aquatic life with long term effects, and carcinogenic. These are all warnings we do not want on our products and for our customers.


Where can I use it

The Ecoworks Marine Foam Hand Sanitiser is Ideal for both health care and food handling environments. Suitable for on board yachts, schools, offices, washrooms, hospitality areas, and in any public areas to help control the spread of germs.