We've appointed One Stop Marine to distribute in Australian Territories.

We've officially appointed, Professional Sailor, Mitch Whites, One Stop Marine for distribution in Australian territories.

With over 2 million Aussies with a boat license and around a million registered boats, boating is clearly a popular activity down under. Australia is also home to one of the most famous yacht races around the world, The Sydney Hobart. Our new distributor knows a thing or two about that one. 

Along with it's famous yacht races, Australia is also home to some of the worlds most spectacular scenery, marine wildlife and coral reefs such as of course, The Great Barrier Reef. Water quality is a major threat to The Great Barrier reef, increasing contaminants are damaging the reef and having lasting effects.

“I’ve always been passionate about nature - especially the biodiversity in marine ecosystems. This is our time to work for the environment. Every bit will help." Mitch White, One Stop Marine.

One Stop Marine brings a number of services to the marine industry in Australia. Operating out of Middle Harbour Yacht Club, Mitch and his team conduct boat maintenance and management to some of the world's top racing yachts. Mitch is a regular at the Sydney Hobart with 19 under his belt, on yachts such as Wizard and Info Track. Mitch has a wealth of experience in the marine industry. One Stop Marine were also recently appointed Australian distributor for Fine Line Rope.

“I have been a professional sailor for 18 years, having crossed most of the earth’s oceans. I have seen the negative and even tragic effects of boat cleaning and related products directly in the sea and the sea life. This is why I am so thrilled to become the distributor for the full range of Ecoworks Marine products and contribute to cleaning up the oceans (as well as the boats!).” Mitch White, Founding Director of OSM.

Australia recently passed new legislation to allow foreign superyachts to charter in Australian waters without being subject to import taxes. This was initially put in place to allow the superyacht industry to take advantage of events such as Tokyo 2020 and the Americas Cup in 2021. Unfortunately events like the Olympics have been somewhat hampered by the global pandemic, although there is progression to amend the Coastal Trading Act to cater for superyachts in the long term, which will benefit the marine industry in Australia. 

Co-founder of Ecoworks Marine, Angus Johnston had this to say, “Mitch and his team are young and dynamic, bringing a fresh approach to marine services and distribution. We’re really happy to be reaching our products out to the Australian market and support our visiting customers.” 

“Mitch has done a lot of sea miles and seen first hand what disastrous effects hazardous materials are having across our oceans”.

“One Stop Marine contacted us and offered a sensible approach to introducing Ecoworks Marine to the Australian market utilising Mitch’s wealth of contacts, passion for sailing and the marine environment”

The full range of Ecoworks Marine products will be available in Australia for resale from December 2020. One Stop Marine is now taking pre orders for the Australian Market.